Sensi Arte Gallery


Friends we met at the wonderful Sensi Arte gallery in Colle di Val d’Elsa, Italy.  Bella! Check their online presence at



Buona giornata a tutti i nostri amici

We speak Italian…a tiny bit.  Parliamo italiano … solo un pochino.

Our Conversational Italian II class meets on Wednesdays at the Highland campus of ACC. Excellent Professoressa Patrizia Casciana Papi guides us along the wonderful trail that is the Italian language. We only wish we were quicker and better learners. It is very enjoyable, though, and keeps us on our toes.



The Kennys


We were fortunate to be able to spend time with Colum and Catherine Kenny in Bray, Ireland, just south of Dublin on the coast. I (Jim) had met Colum years ago when he came to the United States as part of a project he was working on when he was a professor at Dublin City University. I was one of his interviewees as a newspaper editor/publisher.

Colum picked us up at the train station in Bray, and took us on a tour near their home. It was breathtaking. We went up near Sally Gap. We stopped a place or three in the countryside. We spent a while a pub near his home.

When we got to their house in Bray, Catherine had prepared a magnificent and delicious luncheon of traditional Irish food. We couldn’t possibly have enjoyed it more.  And our visit with them was a true highlight of our adventures in Ireland.

Here’s a clip of Colum: